Sunday, 3 August 2014

How to Enable Wifi in Windows 8

Wifi - Apparently wifi settings in windows 8 is different from the wifi settings in windows 7, to windows 7 how to activate wifi via the keyboard only live by pressing fn + (usually f2) wifi in windows 7 is already active. This is in contrast with how to enable wifi in windows 8 Usually despite pressing fn + f2 wifi never be activated, why is that? because in windows 8 are flight or flight mode, flight mode means indicates the outside of the same things as flight mode on the phone.

Then how to activate wifi in windows 8? how to press fn + f2 first, until the mode is changed(not flight mode) then point your mouse pointer to the upper right corner of the screen to display a menu of additional windows 8 on the buttom of the menu there is a menu settings, click on settings menu, then click change PC settings, after PC settings screen appears, on the left menu there is a wireless menu, then click on the menu on the right side of the screen there is a wireless device, slide the button to the right. Your wifi is active. :)

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